Designer, Mentor, and content creator.

I always had a creative side as a child; all of my brothers could draw, too, but I stood out because I only ever drew what I could see. I began as an artist and had no idea what the distinctions between art and design were.

I was introduced to some design software (Photoshop, After Effect) by a buddy, and ever since then, I’ve gotten employment as a designer.

I began my career as a graphic designer (for more than ten years), fell in love with motion design and wanted to animate my works. UI/UX design came about as a method to apply the design skills and knowledge I’ve gained over the years to solve problems. Additionally, I want to expand into 3D, VR, and AR creations, which have always interested me.

Design is a tool for visually addressing issues with an audience in mind; it is neither art nor can it be art.

Working at the nexus of product design and identity design, I’ve had the honour of working on projects for brands like Google, Mouka, Globacom, Haptics, Payporte, and Drink Direct. I’ve continued to utilise design to solve problems.

Product design is my area of greatest enthusiasm. I’m motivated to find solutions to issues that will improve peoples’ regular interactions.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy keeping myself occupied by playing video games, basketball, volleyball, football, watching anime and reading manga.


These are what encourage my design expression.